An alarming social issue : How to protect kids from possible HIV exposure


Recently one of the Asian Countries released their statistics on HIV exposure among its women and children by which the world is so upset about the alarming numbers as average more than 1000 people are affected/ detected on monthly basis with HIV positive leading to the so called AIDS.
The country Philippines and rest of the world should assess the situation in order to bring down the high risk situation to global average or below.
More than 1100 people are detected HIV positive per month in Philippines and most dangerous situation is that the victims include women & children in un common numbers !

Last month 11 pregnant women and 7 kids below 5 years detected HIV positive in Philippines along with another 1000 plus adults cases including both men and women.

Global social scenario :

The Philippines Labour force is in skilled category and rest of the world needs Philippinos to work at various organizations and companies around the world .

Philippino work force , mainly and especially in Middle Eastern countries , in millions are treated are the fastest growing expatriates and they are so efficient in the office jobs / retail sales / cash counters etc so the concern is a matter of fact for other countries too as reports in the main stream media brings panic to fellows.

In order to curtail the expansion of these socially harmful diseases , wide range of social awareness is still needed though in the last 3 decades did the same. NGOs and similar minded people across the globe to come forward with double strength to disburse the awareness level not only thru digital platforms but excellent ground activations too.


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