Beware of spreading kids’ photos in driving seats !


Some parents are like kids in many aspects especially  in spreading their kids’ photos at driving seats of cars and scooters ! This may be for a snap purpose or just to keep in the album to show at their adult age as a fun. Though it’s just a funny picture, new findings show that the photos affect other kids to have an experiment in real life in the absence of their parents.
Naturally kids have imitating tendency on whatever challenging they feel, smell, see and hear.  Vehicles and electronic gadgets are their ever time favourites in heavy tasks which thrill them up to next level.

The following methods of addiction may influence kids while looking at some adventurous photos.

1. The feeling of Have Not which can create heavy disappointment in their tender minds.

2. Tendency to imitate the same in the presence and even in the absence of elders which can create quick possible accidents.

3. Inducing peer group  to acquire vehicles  somehow and to do test drives without the information of parents.

4. Unethical adventures models to be generated.

5. Unwanted concentration on vehicles against studies.

Parents do let them to do exercise  in the driving seats as to create a funny exciting moment for the kid which is to be captured but now a days it is widely spread through social media by presenting as a noble cause kid does. This will influence 1000s of other kids in a negative way which will be a threat to the security of the society too.


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