Do we keep any antique materials ? It is liquid cash !!


Antique is money. Irrespective of personal or social, even 50 to 100 years old , it’s equivalent to solid cash. Unfortunately majority of the people do not keep the antique materials because of the non storage facility and frequent transfer from one living space to another..!!

Anybody can keep some valuable antique materials which can be sold little later at huge amount of cash through online auction or regular sale. Some of the key elements you can keep in mind in this, even for any common man.

1. Some of your ancestral remainings at your own home like the currency , stamp, chappals , carry bags, clothings, kitchen utencils, bed , cars, cycles  etc can be good antique stuff for a better and heavy selling in future.


2. Not necessary the chappals and clothings  of Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King or Mother Teresa  etc  kind of products only treated as Antiques but your grandfather’s non working Car also can be  a big peice of stuff to be considered as valuable Antique.


3. Need to protect as clean as possible and brand it specially  with a Note on this about the known history of this particular item mentioning year , usage details , personalities , other details if any etc to be shown in the Note.


4. Never put a value on this when you keep these for showing others . The value is unlimited if a proper buyer sees.


5. Antique  Auction online platforms and massive exhibitions at metros at regular intervals where you can place / show your own families’ legacy for selling at a desired price.


6. Though not sold in the first  exhibition , it got an address that the stuff appeared in Antique exhibition which can make  a regular space in other exhibitions or auction centres too.

So keeping all the regular legacies can bring prosperity, popularity and money along with the ever enlighting memerors of your beloved old generation myths too irrespective of your family affair or social affairs!! Don’t throw away anything if it’s worth more than 50 years old.


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