Five major reasons for reducing the TV viewership in developed countries


Though the number of Television sets are sold in huge numbers across the world , the active viewership is reduced especially in developed countries due to various mind blowing Lifestyle reasons.

1. Television is branded as a mass- family- home- media and families are not together at home now a days , so family members keep finding exclusive time share especially with digital media.


2. Catch Up services and temperary Archives are available now with TV carriage platforms so automatically the On Time Enthusiasm gone down and later on also it can fall down due to many convenient factors but end up in No viewing later.


3. The most popular contents reach us through various platforms as paid or free.


4. People are pre committed with digital platforms , So a personalised viewing style is self adjusted with.


5.  All promoting mobility culture now a days , at the same time TV viewership needs fixed sitting ambience which may cause lifestyle disorders. Due to the heavy awareness level on idle sitting, viewership is affected. Anti idle snacking theories are very much effective due to lifestyle disorders.

Content is the king, not carriage platforms . People reach to good content by digital ways and at the same time good content is coming to viewer by understanding their attitudes thru digital platforms. So I believe that my desired content won’t be missed as long as I m digitally connected


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