How do we get good bargain deals in all the walks of life ?


Bargaining has become an attitude now days. Don’t be shy on bargaining in front of others for your causes. It has been converted in to our right as per the new lifestyle techniques.

Recently I happened to be in to a branded retail leather materials shop in a Middle Eastern country which normally caters to high luxury segment with fixed price tags. Even some of the known figures from international movie industry were there at the time of that peak sales hours at 8 pm to 9 pm on a weekend day. As a joke one particular celebrity was asking to the retail manager that what special discount they may get and the answer was very tough which says sorry and they were adamant on prices. They purchased and gone. Immediately I went to the manager with my friend for whom we select some materials and politely presented that if we can get a proper discount at this stuff we may be succeeded to convince our other friends also to bring by next day as the stuff so worthy for them too. Retail manager denied as usual. We requested to be in touch with the next higher level In charge of the shop who was not in premises so we requested for his contact number and connected over phone . We could convince him over phone by saying that we are regular customers of this brand / retail and explained everything.

Finally it happened as the In charge was saying that I can go up to a maximum of 17 % only as discount above which he needs approval from Country Head who is in travel. We ended up shopping at a very special discount of 17 % from the published price tag!!

Based on the above incident I may have to suggest some tips to bargain at any desired place as follows :

1.Appreciation Factor :
If you really like the stuff , be open and appreciate . This can create a very close relationship in the impulse time itself inbetween you and the sales team.


2.Request Factor :
Not to boast at shops that you are so rich or capable of purchasing anything but based on the situation you can present your desire in a soft manner by keeping in mind that you desperately need a special bargain discount.


3. Knowing the Level Factor:
You must understand from the body language of the sales team that who may be the decision maker of the outlet for such matters to take a final call.


4. Personal Factor:
You can be friendlier with the sales team to establish some kind of personal attention than other shoppers at same time by purely personal skills and substantiate with some kind of your USPs on board.


5. Formals Factor
Use the words ‘Thank You ‘, ‘Sorry for Bothering’, ‘Can you Please’ etc to reach our destination properly by which the sales team may feel comfortable with you.


6. “Ignorance” Factor:
You can be (act as an ) ignorant up to some extend which will lead others to spend time on teaching you where you can find a space to communicate well about the proposed request.


7. Feedback Factor :
After the service ( here shopping ) done, you must send a mail or message to the concerned about your experience at the retail outlet and if its positive you are in good book for ever as far as this shop concerned by which you can generate huge special discount deals .

These 7 thumb rules in modern purchase techniques can make a different relationship and you will be a winner by all means irrespective of you are regular or irregular!!



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