Heads Down!! Will it pass to next generation?


Due to the over usage of laptop/mobile phones / computers / IPads/ Notebooks our youngsters face a regular problem of ‘Heads Down’ syndrome as used to look down at respective screens. Though certain physical remedies are there to elevate our eye point level while using digital gadgets , it’s a natural call to keep Down the Heads.

Head ache, neck pain, blurred vision, sleeplessness, anti appetite syndromes , constipation, balancelessness , speech problems etc are the side effects of over usage of digital screens as per experts who research on the Victims/ Patients..

We can easily identify a kid who is addicted to digital screens by his / her other regular behavioural patterns. For example, if we enter in to a home of friend or relative and if the kid at that home reacts at a very passive mood without much interaction & talk, you can seriously suspect that the kid is in a state of ‘digitalisation choma ‘ on the over usage of platforms.

As per new studies, kids develop speech delivery issues up on the over usage of digital platforms . As its unlike TV , a medium for single person , he/ she involves with deep consciousness to dissolve the soul, mind and body on it they are not bothering about what may happen nearby.

For the last 25 years people around the globe continuously using computers , so a question arises as whether the Neck Down syndrome will pass to next generations thru genetical changes .?? If it happens how will be the human beings look like in 22nd Century!! Just for a funful thought only. Don’t be serious.


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