How criminals escape from real verdicts using loop holes !!

All religions teach peace and happiness for its followers .  But many situations as of now fail to protect the happiness but trying to derail the coolness. Recent incident of terror attack in Newzealand masjids  by planned terrorists and organised mafia which killed around 50 worshippers instantly and left many wounded critically , shows that some of the sections enjoy the screaming and crying of innocent people for satisfying their ego and ignorance .
Whatever may be the motive behind these killings , these are not impulse actions but seriously planned actions with clear intention. The enquiry agencies fail to find the original reasons and will end up in saying about the mental instability of the attackers .
 This is a continous process. The criminals know better on how to escape using the loop holes in legal system. Many countries follow quick action with proper legal proof based on the trustworthy prosecution points , at the same time  many societies delay the legal mechanism to years after years by using all the loop holes favouring criminals in the name of humanitarian thought which they dont think for victims at all.
So the answer is there on how the proven criminal escape from the loop. After many years  of the incident , the world will forget the matter and its easy for a new judge to read the humanitarian book favouring criminals and then to get appreciation only for the same acquittal . This is the road map of escaping from criminal acts without any tension . Delaying is the only mechanism which is to be taken seriously by the courts and judges.

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