How do human beings become so small and narrow minded ?


I am writing this based on a recent unusual revenge happened at one of the South Indian cities where a doctor at a medical college tried to inject HIV affected blood to his superior doctor as part of some official grudges !! The culprit doctor believed that some of the official allegations and complaints raised against him were due to the superior doctor and for the same he was planning an unusual revenge on him.!

In front of other doctors , paramedics, patients and bystanders this particular doctor performed the rendition of bad words and then the blood collected from a patient treating for HIV in the same hospital which was tried to inject to superior using a syringe but due to the right intervention from all the staff saved himself unhurt .

The psychological dimensions of the doctor who tried to danger the superior to be evaluated seriously for finding out the routemaps of human beings’s behaviour at certain situation. It’s universal to know and study the behavioural patterns of some people at certain situations.
Human beings are ‘built ‘ naturally with higher wisdom level for facing any adverse situations comparing other animals as well as accepting any challenges with well beingness. But certain people are acting as blinds to get license to do any behavioural nonsense.

In all the walks of life we see people like this, irrespective of their education, experience and family history. It’s the symbol of a clear evolution happening due to various factors including genetics.. so the paternity and maternity must be well protected with higher standards and qualities..

ISO and ISI kind of certifications required for human beings based on their behavioural history. At respective professions one must keep the values of humankind and it must be transmitted to generations with the clear element of well being.During schools or even at professional courses, its so important that self behavioural study and a very effective curriculum also to be included to teach and assess at its best practises.


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