The most modern Desired Trend in Education techniques


Forced sleeping at 10 PM , Alarm at 5 AM and quick fresh ready at 5.45 AM with half opened eyes and without breakfast high- jumping in to school bus at 6 AM , then around 90 minutes half sleep before reaching regular class rooms at respective schools are the daily monotonous fearful acts for normal students even at 2017!!.

Though now a days students are more knowledgeable than teachers due to many reasons the same teaching methods are following to generations without any civilised changes ! Teacher gives regular lessons , home works , trying to explain matters based on the pre 1990/2000 studies , memo for heavy fees, pledges at pre historic texts, assembly in hot sun, alarm for lunch , extra class/stay back due to portion fear and many more !!
A modern kid’s 20 years’ day time is vanishing like this at school premises where the kid is exposed to knowledge by many means now a days.

Regular exposure of knowledge using technologies , online and digital learning etc became necessary tools and so all are becoming knowledgeable from various sources..

In many countries kids are experienced the revenue out of their skills during school age itself especially 12 to 20 years period too for which a declared curriculum , online techniques for exams , proper certification and ranking process etc to be introduced commonly through online technologies. Own Home or shopping malls, eating outlet or work place can be a learning centre using mobile phones and gadgets by penetrating the possibilities of YouTube learning and Googling based on the particular curriculum. Doubt clearing platforms at various digital levels to be introduced. Exams can be conducted without physical invigilators at a class room but using subjects with strict digital coding.!!
Sine -Cos theta, logarithm, 1917 Russian revolution, Neolithic evolutions etc kind of Non life related curriculum can be learnt through various techniques now which is practical too.
In many places , this kind of educational approaches developed according to the demand of the age and based on the unusual growth of the knowledge level of the new generation kids but still the same pre 17th century school business is untouched at 95 % countries!!
A serious thought on the education and examination techniques needed to cop up with the development of technology and modern science of convenience.


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