Reasons to introduce Driving Lessons at School levels


Many countries place the age bar for vehicle driving tests officially ,which is good at many senses too. But now for the last 20 years, the general knowledge & experience level of kids improved dramatically to a positive platform where they are able to handle many matters what adults used to do.

In the filed of technology, digital, IT, machinery, vehicle driving knowledge etc even kids at 8th to 10th standards can do in a better and efficient way than the regular adults handle as they experience these from the birth onwards after AD2000.

In order to increase the efficiency on road the following key elements can be experienced worldwide irrespective of geographical barriers.

1. Driving Tests can be part of school curriculum

driving education can be started from 5th standard at regular schools where the play grounds itself may be the learning places


2. Driving Knowledge is must for all

irrespective of driving to be a profession or need for future , the awareness about all the aspects of driving must be a compulsory knowledge to live in the society as not only so called drivers but all the regular citizens in the society to know the basics of driving.


3. Driving License at School Pass out

It is very much possible to issue a proper driving license a long with School PassOut certificate by evaluating all the phases of driving . If the kids fail in all the tough tests based on the driving curriculum they need to file again for the driving tests at various platforms.


4. Retirement from Road as a driver

Treating driving as an efficient job irrespective of professional or personal, there must be a retirement age for those who drive any vehicles on road due to many reasons. The personal and bodily efficiency can be reduced over aging though the knowledge of driving is ensured. Eyesight matters, pressure level changes, sugar level, cholesterol level, Kidney problems, brain cells decay, stomach issues , other aging ailments can easily affect one’s driving pattern seriously. So a cut of date is needed to retire as a driver on road whether its on personal driving or professional driving .


5. Understanding the ‘growth ‘of Kids

The wisdom level of school kids including the practical knowledge and handling the critical situations grown a lot in the past two decades because of the social changes and exposure to the outer world as a bye product of Technology advancement. The increment in the awareness made the kids more responsible in all senses.


Summary :

Major accidents will happen only once in a long life time . Always we need to ensure better safety measures in advance . Insurance coverage is not the ultimate factor for a survival. Young and energetic driving force to be on road for self-protection and to save others too.

A school curriculum to be started as soon as possible at all the schools in the world to make use of vehicle driving from tender age itself. And a re assessment policy on driving license is needed to make our roads as safe as possible by Add Ons and Deletions too..


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