Reasons to give mobile phones to kids for their usage


Its easy to say that kids are not supposed to use mobile phones and computers . Many under the impression that kids will misuse the mobile phone set as well as other gadgets especially with Net connection. Majority of the Youtube contents can mis guide the kids at their tender age by using vulgar materials and obscene languages , as conceived by all . Its true also . No bdy can predict that which are the contents will be viewed by kids and parents wont be next to them always .
Nobody knows that what kind of whatsapp friendship they make and how somebody will use kids over whatsapp and skype to deviate from their thoughts of the age.

But now a days , as per the advancement of the technology you cant block your kids from using these gadgets. Be make it open for them either as their own or give to them for short period at equal intervals or pre fixed time . But as a precaution to understand the kids mentality , you can put a system of considering the gadgets as OPEN BOOK. it can be opened by all at any time to check the history of searches and researches. All communications should be kept open as un deleted by kids for ever. Though it is open , it has its control also . So an open book policy on the usage of mobile phones and electronic gadgets very much required to prevent kids from negative surrounding and so called blue-whale thoughts. In order to prevent 10 % of evil , we cant block the 90 % of the merits ! Hope you get it at its right spirit.


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