Village girl becomes the eyedrops of all cities


Recently the video of a 3 years old Indian village girl who was brutally taught maths’ alphabet by an adult lady became viral across all main cities in the world with numerous comments against it and a new rethink over traditional educational techniques discussed very much .! Physical torture for making student bye-heart the lessons is to be treated an un civilised chapter in education system as far as the rest of the world became more civilized. This particular video spread across almost all countries with negative comments about the present education techniques and a lot of stories related to this . We have to summarize something as follows :

1. The mentality and thought process behind shooting this video from the same premises of a home ambiance to be reviewed. A close person of that family might be recorded the video and published. It is a heinous act as equivalent as torturing the child .


2. The wish and will of family members to make a 3 years old kid to be an expert in Maths in no time is to be treated as a national calamity and the addressing system to be re worked .


3. Early age education system to be reviewed. Multi national schools and curriculum now persuading parents to send kids at early tender ages of 3 to 4 years and they spread the message that the kid will be spoiled otherwise !!


4. Parents over greediness to bring result from the child is to be questioned and challenged. As kids need to play some un organsied matches at home premises along with peer group and grand parents , to be treated as important factors in learning and growth.


5. As parents have no time now to play with kids , automatically kids loose interest and gradually develop a non bond situation with own parents. It will lead to a crucial situation in life time relationship also which can disturb the parents and kids for future.

The wishes and dreams of parents to be redefined as per the changes of the time. Kids vision and dreams to be set at right stage by kids themselves. Let them free and independent.


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