What is the Best Idea to start own Business in Dubai ?


Many have good amount of cash to invest in metros around the world to start own business for a long term prestigious growth and development to be spread across generations. But many times people stuck up at various points as they cant simply find a way to identify the best possible venture. A feasible solution is very much needed. Dubai is a commercial metro city with the touches of 9.5 million UAE population from across all 7 Emirates and an average of more than 15 million visitors from all countries per annum.

Dubai , the land of diversities with unlimited opportunity and huge potential for all business ventures- is the most vibrant city in the world as of now with positive growth index in all the walks of life where energetic and visionary start -ups can reap unlimited results. A mere start up or experimental business is not an affair in Dubai now but a collective thought process on the demand in the market is needed.

People in Dubai, irrespective of regular residents or visitors, wish to have a quality life in all the areas and that’s why the city is brighter always in all senses. Rather than going with an experimental business with limited investment, i suggest having a strong start up Franchisee of any possible worldwide F&B retail network which can rock in Dubai! More over the Franchisee business ownership can be of around 4 to 6 likeminded investors or friends with a self-developed professional approach. A guaranteed quality food and beverages needed very much for Dubai residents and visitors for which an international network can feed as per the expectation. It can be US based, UK- Europe, Caribbean,Thai, Chinese, Indian Desi brand, or any popular African food network but should be popular and embedded with quality and legacy.

Dubai is popular for Offers, promotions, impulse discount techniques, online – digital attractions and so the business can be easily tied up with the same way to attract initial customers then it will be like a custom that you get your continuous patronage from genuine people. As of now dozens of international F&B retail outlets at various shopping malls in Dubai are heavily crowded during long Thu- Fri- Sat -Sun weekends and the next 3 days will ensure the repeated regular customers too where you meet quality people from more than 125 countries at single points.!!

Experienced F & B managements in Dubai generally say that 3 days’ week end sales figure is enough to meet your complete expenditure of the retail outlet including your salaries and each of the rest of the revenue is for your pockets only . That’s genuinely assured with international retail food franchisee business in Dubai.


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