Why elders become tool of business and profit making for others ? Shocking truths


Irrespective of developed or underdeveloped or developing countries, a common feature is everywhere that Elders becoming tool for business for others..Elders here means people after 60 years of old as per the international norms!!

They are victims of profitable business now a days by knowing directly or indirectly as ELDERS CARE & ACCOMPANY SERVICE becoming massive in metros and mid towns.
Under the banner of charitable trusts and humanitarian firms across the Globe, organised systems work for benefiting out of this situation by providing daily or hourly care service to elders at home for getting huge amount of money upfront and advance.!!

At the rise of 21st century, the healthcare system improves a lot and average life expectancy extended to more than 70 years in developed countries and so number of elders increased every where but next generation members are not there at families to take care because of many reasons.

The key elements of the situation can be briefed as follows .

1. Countries like India is having average 9 % elders out of which majority is not attended properly at home by relatives. The percentage and numbers will increase as time goes and around 2050 the numbers can be up to 30 crores. In order to address these elders for their daily medical and food support at home , personal care needed on hourly paid system for accompany staff from different organisations.


2. Asian countries like Japan and China go along with this in more percentage as their medical and food culture are so clearly defined which is protected by Insurance systems . After 70 and 80 years of age people need support from others by all means irrespective of what they experienced in the past.


3. Though Second and third generations are harmless and so-called cultured people, they are so busy with their daily life with every second is counted in the technological advancement era.


4. Number of accompanying service firms increasing every where to 100 % growth comparing last 2 years as the changes in the society is in so fast pace.The value of the Care Centre is measured by the volume of fees they charge per hour and the facilities they demand from each home.


5. 95% of the accompany service companies see this as a profitable business because the profit margin level is so high comparing other business because this addresses valuable human lives directly with Care.


6.As a result of this , the third generation is getting less time to involve with grand parents , in future Parents too, so a possible generation gap explosion can happen which will effect the genetical code of the human society and cultural balance factor too.

Summary :

Elders Care centres and Accompany Service Firms grow like bubbles and it becomes an open business to eat the retirement money of elders in a sweet way. The cultural and humanitarian aspects of human civilisation is under twist on this. This can create an upside down theory of human relationship also in future.That kind of changes are so visible and so we must think of a policy on Elders and to look at our own rooms inside the doors.


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